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Monopoly Collectors Edition in a Tin Game

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Product description Take this Monopoly game for a spin and ‘own it all!’ in style. If you’re going to travel the road to riches, you need transportation, and this Collector’s Edition of the world’s most popular game celebrates just that. You’ll be riding along with Mr. Monopoly as he cruises his home town in his beloved antique race car.What’s under the ‘hood’ of this classic roadster? A banker’s tray shaped like a dashboard. Pull’er out, and fill’er up with everything you need to play: Chance and Community Chest cards, Title Deeds, Money, dice, wooden houses and foil-stamped hotels. And the antique-looking gameboard is individually numbered for authenticity. For two to eight players.This Monopoly edition is fun to play and fun to drive. So climb in, buckle up, and enjoy the ride. Since 1935, when Parker Brothers acquired the rights to Charles Darrow’s little Depression-era diversion, Monopoly has proven to be the Bentley of board games. Now, with the production of the Monopoly Racecar Collector’s Tin Edition, fans of the classic real estate trading game have a unique opportunity to take an enduring favorite out for a spin. Wheeling and dealing have rarely been this luxurious: look under the hood of the metal roadster-shaped game box to discover wooden houses and hotels (with foil-stamped facades on the latter), metal tokens stored in a velvet drawstring bag, a plastic banker’s tray shaped like a dashboard and featuring a rotating deed caddy, and an authentic numbered game board. No rent increases or rule changes (even in a ‘Racecar’ edition, Free Parking is still merely a resting spot) make this model the same great Games magazine Hall of Famer under one classy chassis. –Tony Mason



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