ARD CHAMPS10MM Weight Power Lifting Leather Lever Pro Belt Gym Training Black

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ARD CHAMPS™ Top of the line 4” wide 10 mm thick professional Power lifting advance lever closure belt, Can be loosened in less than a second with a quick flick of the Advance Lever.Conforms to your body shape over time and forever stays firmly supportive. Most popular belt made with unique oil tanned Nubuck leather to give the luxurious, golden finish .This fixes the oil in the leather, making it durable.The oil forms soaps on the fibres to produce highly absorbent leather that will shine as it dries. It’s a new concept in genuine leather that is created by a unique additional tanning process. Advance lever action buckle closure ensures you can easily get it to the same tightness each lift.Does not turn overly soft and fold over as another brand’s belt tends to do. The edges of the belt are finished with refinement but not rounded. Rounding of the edges lessens the effective width. It is not layers glued together cheaply to make thickness as some other brands that can come loose years later. There are no compromises in quality of ARD CHAMPS™ Belt.



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